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Chicago massacre suspect arrested after manhunt

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CHICAGO – Police have arrested a suspect in connection with the shooting during an Independence Day parade. The arrest followed a manhunt that lasted ten hours. In the middle of a festive parade, fire was opened in Highland Park, near Chicago. Six people were killed and dozens injured.

The arrested suspect is 22-year-old Robert E. Crimo. Earlier in the day, the police already distributed his name, photo and description of his car. He was seen in North Chicago by an officer. When the police tried to stop him, he was said to have tried to flee, but did not get very far.

Crimo was eventually arrested not far from the shooting scene. Police believe the man was working alone. He climbed a fire escape to the roof of a shop and started shooting at the procession. His weapon was previously found by the police.


The big question now is why Crimo caused a massacre. An uncle of Crimo told CNN that his cousin was not very political and that he saw no indication that he was up to anything. Paul Crimo described his cousin as very private.

The police say they have collected digital evidence about Crimo during the investigation. What that is exactly is still unclear. Several accounts could be found on social media until a few hours after the shooting. They have since been taken offline.

Rap videos were featured on a Crimo YouTube channel. In one, Crimo appears to be starring in a staged school shooting. In another, he can be seen as an armed cartoon character. In another video, a cartoon version of Crimo lies face-down in a pool of blood, surrounded by officers with guns drawn.

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